Submissions Roaring In

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We’re excited to report that we’ve already started accepting poetry and fiction for our inaugural issue of Two Cities Review, which with your help will launch in March 2014. We’ve seen some exciting poems and stories from new artists and writers that are willing to break the boundaries of genre. We welcome your submissions at and we hope you’ll consider a donation to help launch us on our maiden voyage.
Donate $30, and you’ll have VIP access to one of our launch parties. Since we are a two-city operation, we are planning to have launch parties in both Boston and New York, so whichever city is more convenient for you is where you’ll have access.
We are also experienced work shoppers and editors ourselves, and I’m a college instructor of creative writing; donate $100 and you’ll receive an in-depth critique of your manuscript.
Keep visiting our page for updates on our campaign, and I hope you’ll consider donating a little to launch our review!

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