Issue 2 on its Way

We are hard at work this week, finalizing the summer 2014 issue of Two Cities Review. In some ways, getting out the second issue will prove that we’re the real deal, a literary magazine with plans for the future. After all, many people and organizations can cobble together one issue, but we’re here for the long haul, and we’re wildly excited about the poetry and fiction set to appear in the next week. I thought I’d point out a few intriguing lines and opening scenes just to whet your appetite.

From writer Bhaswati Ghosh:

“The road is a messy
half-eaten casserole.
The weekend sun, a limp
slice of lemon.
It sneaks out without a whimper. and is not missed.
I sit in the car, waiting for you to return
with vegetables,
their attendance necessary for updating the week’s meal roster.”

Or from Rachel Lyon:

“THE BEETLE LEOPARD was about the size of a large cocker spaniel, with a coat like the coat of a tortoiseshell cat: uneven, mostly dark, of mottled browns and blacks. The private company that kept him in his vivarium on Pigeon Street claimed he was the only beetle leopard on Earth.”

You’ll have to stop by Two Cities Review’s page later this week in order to read more, and to see other stories and poems from our wonderful lineup for this issue. And don’t forget that we are always reading submissions for our next issue, too; visit our Submit page for more information.

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