Giving Citibike a Ride

Summer weather is finally here and I am loathe enter the alternately humid and freezingly-air-conditioned subway system. I prefer to stay above ground and outdoors as much as possible. My husband was one of the original Citibike adopters and has been bugging me to join. I was unsure, as I have a very expensive bike that I never ride. Would I really use Citibike more? He finally got fed up and ordered me a membership anyway.
I gave it a try this week for the first time and, let me admit, I was wrong. It is so much more convenient than riding my own bike! I wasn’t worried about getting is scratched up and had a dock in which to place it, so there was no fear of it getting stolen while I was having a bite to eat. If it started raining before I went home, I could have hopped on the train without a second thought about my bike. It was wonderful!
Now, don’t get me wrong, riding a bike in New York City is never 100% enjoyable. I did nearly get run over a few times and the first dock we went to was full. There was another one a few blocks away, however, and I was wearing a helmet, so I wasn’t too worried. All in all, I would say go for it if you have been on the fence. And if you haven’t considered it, take a look. I’m looking forward to many more summer rides, to slinging baguettes across my back to feel Parisian and to breaking a sweat before I even get to the gym. It will give me a reason to explore new parts of the city and maybe I’ll even take my writing with me to the park. Now if only I could teach the dog to trot along next to me…

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