Cherry Blossom Festival

The annual cherry blossom festival (Sakura Matsuri) is going on at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens this weekend. While the gardens are usually a serene place to escape the city and maybe even get some writing done, during Sakura Matsuri, they are overrun with thousands of people enjoying Japanese food and culture while gawking at the blossoming cherry trees. Unfortunately, because of the harsh winter, the cherry blossoms are delayed and there were only a few blooming when I went yesterday. There were many other lovely signs of spring, however, such as these summer snowflake flowers.
Spring is an inspiring time for writers, as nature begins to stir up colors and sounds that tell us winter is ending and the long days of summer are ahead. It is a time for new beginnings and appreciating the natural world. Sakura Matsuri made me think of haiku poetry, which usually highlights some aspect of natural beauty in a simple form. I composed the haiku below about my day. Share your own haiku with us through the comments feature! Let us know what spring means to you.
The red-headed finch
looks down on me from the tree
covered with full buds.

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