Letter from the Editors, Winter 2016, Issue 12

Dear Readers,
We’re going home for the holidays in our December issue. But what is home? And how do we get there anyway? Our crop of writers is conflicted about the nostalgia of homecoming and the sometimes dark places the journey can take us.
Winter in the city can be cruel. The writers in this issue expose us to the small and large sadnesses of people we pass in the street, whether it’s a woman wandering, lost in the throes of dementia, or a brutal subway accident that we wish we’d never seen. A bystander exhorts us in one poem, don’t look, don’t look — and yet we look. Our human natures, and the fact of life in a city, in which we brush shoulders with a dozen stories a day, demands no less.
In spite of the cruelties we encounter, though, there’s still something marvelous about family ties. One poem reminds us that we are family even if our families are broken or we fail to live up to some perfect vision of what a family should be.
Outside the issue itself, we are pleased to have put out over 20 episodes of the Two Cities Review Podcast since we started recording earlier this year. Each episode gets more listeners and engages more people interested in writing and getting published in this digital age. We have interviews with several featured writers coming up soon, so if you enjoy their work within these pages, definitely tune in to hear about their writing process and inspirations. We highly recommend listening curled up on the couch, perhaps beside a roaring fire while sipping a mug of hot cocoa, the perfect way to stave off a blustery winter day.
Happy reading!
Blair Hurley & Olivia Tandon