From Issue 20: Going to Toronto

Mary Jane White
From the countryside
To wait out the term
To delivery. And return.
Quietly. Unremarked.
To go through rehab
And then return. To town.
Going to Toronto —
An old way of speaking
In front of you . . .
Who recall how it was:
In the countryside,
A suicide . . . Gone to
Toronto. No return.
For Michael Andre
November 18, 2017
Mary Jane White: MFA Iowa Writers’ Workshop, NEA Fellowships (in poetry and translation). Tsvetaeva translations:  Starry Sky to Starry Sky (1988) New Year’s, an elegy for Rilke (Adastra Press, 2007); Poem of the Hill (The New England Review); Poem of the End (The Hudson Review), reprinted in Poets Translate Poets, (Syracuse 2013).