From Issue 18: All of it Returns

Charlene Langfur
This is what I do these days
Watch the geese overhead, how they move
in their perfectly coordinated flight going south.
Watch the four inch green sprouts growing in the garden
in the desert winter. I watch them little as they are.
I have odd dreams with you in them
and we are young again, maybe it is spring time again, and we are
ready to save the world from exactly what has happened
to it anyway, the over heating and earth changes with gardens out
of whack, the poles shifting perilously, madly.
In another dream we return differently, steady, reposed in a way.
Nowadays, I get it all, I know it all makes sense,
how Einstein’s theories are confirmed,
simply, elegantly, the earth, the universe, space,
all of it returning upon itself and
in spite of the black holes and blazing summer days,
nothing actually disappears.
The nasturtium with the heart shaped leaves bloom again, their petals
unique, yellow, exactly the same even though they are different.
Charlene Langfur is an organic gardener, a rescued dog advocate and a Syracuse University Graduate Writing Fellow and her most current publications include a series of poems in POETRY EAST and WEBER-THE CONTEMPORARY WEST ( 2016 and 2018) and poems in GRAVEL, THE CALIFORNIA QUARTERLY and COMMON GROUND REVIEW.