From Issue 11: Search History

Joey Stamp
Google Search History – J. Malcom – August 2013
Thursday August 22nd 4:10PM Google: Local music Waterloo Iowa
Saturday August 24th 3:12PM Google: Bands performing in Waterloo Iowa
Saturday August 24th 3:13PM Google: Local events Waterloo Iowa
Saturday August 24th 3:15PM Google: Bars Waterloo Iowa
Sunday August 25th 10:31AM Google: hanGover Cures
Tuesday August 27th 5:31PM Google: How to talk to girls
Wednesday August 28th 10:30PM Google: Waterloo Iowa escorts
Wednesday August 28th 10:31PM Google: Waterloo Iowa hookers
Wednesday August 28th 10:31PM Google: Waterloo Iowa prostitutes
Wednesday August 28th 10:32PM Google: Waterloo Iowa craigslist paid sex
Wednesday August 28th 11:15PM Google: How to stop feeling lonely
Wednesday August 28th 11:21PM Google: pornhub
Thursday August 29th 9:03AM Google: How to ask girl out on date
Thursday August 29th 9:08AM Google: Is it ok to ask co-worker out
Thursday August 29th 9:11AM Google: GMAC Sexual harassment policy
Thursday August 29th 12:31PM Google: How to handle rejection
Friday August 30th 2:01AM Google: Ashley Jenson
Friday August 30th 2:08AM Google: Ashley Jenson Facebook
Friday August 30th 2:13AM Google: Ashley Jenson Address
Saturday August 30th 3:07AM Google: How to get rid of bad smell
Saturday August 31st 4:54PM Google: How to dispose of a body.
Saturday August 31st 4:57PM Google: How to dispose of body in home.
Saturday August 31st 5:01PM Google: How to dispose of body with chemicals
Saturday August 31st 5:15PM Google: Where to buy Lye
Saturday August 31st 5:17PM Google: Home Depot Addres.
Sunday September 1st 1:37AM Google: How to tie noose
photo- joey stampJoey Stamp is a writer from Iowa living in New York City. Some of his works include: Marley: A Musical Tragedy, Official Selection: Cabrini Festival 2013; Eightball, a short play, performed at The Dirty Blondes festival 2014; Psychosis, a short film, Official Selection: 2015 World Music and Independent Film Festival.