Top 5 Last Minute Gifts for Writers

It’s that time of year when many of us are frantically looking for the perfect gift for our friends and loved ones. Sometimes writers can be a difficult group to shop for, so hopefully this list will help you out.
#5. Notebooks and nice pens are always thoughtful gifts for writers who like to “get out in the field” so to speak. Those of us who enjoy people-watching in the park and subway note-taking are always happy with a fresh Moleskine or a spiral-bound journal decorated with a personal place or artist. While it doesn’t always seem like the most creative gift, a writer will add the creativity to the blank pages!
#4. Although notebooks are still useful, most of us writers spend at least some time typing and composing on a computer. This list from Daily Writing Tips suggests both free and subscription software to help writers compose, design and edit their work. They also suggest programs for minimizing distractions, a key in today’s super-connected world.
#3. Every writer I know is also an avid reader. Whether he/she is a poet, a novelist or a reporter, the savvy writer knows how to enjoy a good book and discern a not-so-good one. Check out the New York Times list of and pick one (or two or three) you think they will enjoy. You can also take a look at our ongoing posts on favorite reads from 2013.
#2. The latest edition of Writer’s Market is always a welcome gift for writers who are serious about getting their work out. While last year’s edition is probably still valid for the most part, having the latest edition saves all the footwork of checking to be sure the newer magazines are still afloat this year. Plus the new edition will include new literary magazines that have cropped up in the last year or two! While Two Cities Review hasn’t made it in yet, we hope to be there soon.
#1. Of course, for both the writers of this site and the writers who will benefit from the success of Two Cities Review, the number one gift you can get for your favorite writer this year is a donation to the Two Cities Review kickstarter campaign! Give the world the gift of a new literary magazine and yourself the satisfaction of knowing we couldn’t have done it without you! You can pledge here: We thank you in advance for your support!

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