Featured: Spontaneous Generation

Vicente Huidobro
Translated by Jonathan Simkins
Ask for your death
Here is the grave by the trail of nocturnal planes
The spontaneous generation of words on the open sea
The glitter of their modulating passage
In the cross’s metamorphosis lighting the air with bright colors
In the city of our echoes
The unchained storm slays her spouse
Herbs grow from the coordinates of fire
Or the miseries of gloveless autumn
You will arrive still
undone between the dark cloaks
Of shivering death
The dream opens to the squalls of precious metals
For you ladies
A pilgrimage to the chimneys of echoing echoes
The spectrum of the mystery beyond all danger
The only spectrum enlarged by the world’s kiss
For three days only
In the kingdom arising from the sea
The simple oblivion of the woman of the festival’s elixir
It frees your legs from the flags of death
And follows the trail of the shrouded root
Chilean writer Vicente Huidobro (1893-1948) was a major figure of 20th century avant-garde poetry. Founder of the literary movement known as Creacionismo, he was a multilingual poet, playwright, novelist, war correspondent, screenwriter, and candidate for the presidency of Chile.
Jonathan Simkins is the co-translator with Kimrey Anna Batts of El Creacionismo by Vicente Huidobro (The Lune, forthcoming). Recent translations have appeared or are forthcoming in The Chattahoochee Review, Eclectica Magazine, Ghost Town, Gulf Coast, PANK, and Vinyl. He is the publisher of Cigar City Poetry Journal: https://www.cigarcitypoetryjournal.org/