Month: February 2019

Featured: Contemplation

Jay Carson
All food is 80 percent water,
a doctor once told me.
When you think about it,
it has to be.
I thought about it:
I didn’t think it had to be.
I’m a theological libertarian:
God could do anything she wanted.
All food could be like Jell-O,
which might be a better plan
for no toast stuck in the throat;
or bricks, for that matter;
Bad BBQs prove we’d survive that
If you think about it.
I had a smarty girlfriend
who used the same phrase,
like: Marriage is the most
logical manner of living for humans,
if you think about it.
I thought about it.
I didn’t think it had to be.
I live single and alone now.
A seventh generation Pittsburgher, Jay Carson taught at Robert Morris University for many years. He is the author of the books, Irish Coffee, (Coal Hill Review) and The Cinnamon of Desire, (Main Street Rag) as well as more than 100 poems and 4 short stories in journals, magazines, and collections.