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Episode 62: The Winter of East 81st Street

Did you miss us? We're back, listeners, in time to start gearing up for Halloween, with stories from our special FEAR issue of Two Cities. This week, Robin Greene reads her dark memoir of a run-in with a disturbing stranger in "The Winter of East 81st Street." This week's episode contains some adult themes and may not be suitable for younger listeners, so please use your discretion.

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Episode 43: Author Identity: Should We Separate the Work and its Creator?

This week, Two Cities author Barbara Carlson reads her stirring, sensual prose poem "The Wild Part." And we discuss the controversial issue of how much an author's identity matters when we read. Are authors confined to writing about their own frame of experience, or can they reach farther afield? We discuss My Absolute Darling and the works of Julia Glass, among others.

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Episode 29: “Oyate Tamakoce”, More Difficult Conversations in a New World

This week, author Bino Realuyo reads his poem from the March issue, "Oyate Tamakoce", an Apache phrase meaning "Land of the people." We also talk about what books have got us thinking this week, including Benjamin Percy's great new guide to writing fiction, Thrill Me. We're actively seeking submissions to our blog with thoughts on what it means to be American in today's divided culture. Weigh in with your thoughts by replying to us @twocitiesreview on Twitter. We'll feature comments in future episodes!

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