Episode 43: Author Identity: Should We Separate the Work and its Creator?

This week, Two Cities author Barbara Carlson reads her stirring, sensual prose poem "The Wild Part." And we discuss the controversial issue of how much an author's identity matters when we read. Are authors confined to writing about their own frame of experience, or can they reach farther afield? We discuss My Absolute Darling and the works of Julia Glass, among others. Read article

Episode 42: “Bodies of Water”; The Burning Girl, Gold Fame Citrus

There's more to enjoy from our September issue this week; Ash Sanders reads her mysterious, poignant and thrilling story "Bodies of Water." And we discuss what we're reading this week, including hot fiction Gold Fame Citrus by Claire Vaye Watkins and The Burning Girl by Claire Messud. Have you read either book? Read article

Episode 41: “Uncertainties” from the issue, “The Round House” and “The Girls”

We're diving deep into our September issue this week, listeners, with a reading from Two Cities author Carla McGill of her poem "Uncertainties." Then we discuss the dark and challenging books we're reading this week: Louise Erdrich's The Round House and Emma Cline's The Girls. Have you read either book? Do you have strong feelings about what makes dark subject matter so rewarding to read? Read article

Episode 40: Attack of the Book Clubs

The September issue is here, readers, and our podcast is back in full swings. Today we share a poem from the issue, the apt "September", and we discuss book clubs. What makes them work? What makes them fail? What books are the best book club fodder? Why are they traditionally a female phenomenon? And what book club stories do you have to share? Read article

Episode 39: Summer Hiatus, Art and Shackles, I Heart Yogyakarta

Another summer hiatus episode - we hear from James Tager, reading his piece "Art and Shackles" and from Jillian Schedneck reading her piece "I Heart Yogyakarta". Hope you enjoy! Read article

Episode 38: Here and Not

Summer hiatus issue: We hear Andrew Walker reading his nonfiction piece Here and Not, from the June issue of Two Cities Review. We discuss it briefly, before getting some much needed summer rest. Read article

Episode 37: International Stories and “Longing Letter”

It's Two Cities Review's International Episode. Today we talk about a trip to South America and Canada's 150 year anniversary. We also hear from Isobel Hodges, reading her piece from the June issue entitled Longing Letter, which takes place in several different countries. Read article

Episode 36: Our Favorite Marriage Stories, “Ryan”

It's the wedding episode at Two Cities! This week we discuss our favorite marriage plots in literature and why weddings and what comes after the cake is cut is still one of the most compelling storylines in literature. We also have Two Cities author C.C. Russell read his piece from the issue, "Ryan", and we discuss. Read article

Episode 35: Our Favorite Science Writing

This week, Two Cities author Hilary Sallick reads her poem from the June issue, "Housemate", and we discuss. And we count down our very favorite science writing — all those wonderful books that illuminated the world of science and nature for the non-scientists among us. Read article

Episode 34: The June Issue, Our Summer Reading Lists

The new June issue is here, and we can't wait to share it with you! Writer Brooke Randel reads her piece "Wall" from the issue and we discuss. And we get into what's on our summer reading list for our favorite season to sink into books. Read article