Episode 54: Interview with Dayna Patterson

This week we are so excited to present an author interview with Two Cities writer Dayna Patterson. Dayna wrote the stunning "The Disposal of Mormon Garments", which appeared in issue 16. We've made the piece available to read for free, so check it out — or you can hear Dayne read it aloud in this episode. (And enjoy our bonus outtake at the beginning of this episode — to give you a glimpse behind the scenes!) Read article

Episode 53: Let’s Talk about Sex in Literature!

This week we're talking about sex in literature, so younger listeners, please be advised! Charles Kell reads his piece "My Dark Whistle" from the latest issue, and we cover some of our favorite depictions of sexuality, sensuality, and everything in between in literature. Read article

Episode 52: “Phone Calls and Flowers”; Spring Cleaning for Your Creative Life

This week we highlight another great piece from the March issue of Two Cities. Hilary Brewster reads her essay "Phone Calls and Flowers". And we talk about spring cleaning for your creative life. Read article

Episode 51: “The Visitor”, New Poetry, Black Literature and Movies

In this week's episode, we highlight Brittany Ackerman's brilliant "The Visitor" from the December issue, and we dive into the new March issue with an excerpt from "Days of the God-Sized Brains" by Jennifer Metsker. And we discuss new arrivals in black literature and movies that we're loving — the books "Homegoing" and "Americanah" and the movies "Get Out" and "Black Panther." Read article

Episode 50: The Best of the Podcast!

We made it to the 50th episode, listeners! It's hard to believe how far we've come in the two years that we've been recording our reviews, thoughts, and interviews, but we're so proud of what we've created. Today we're re-visiting some of our favorite episodes from the past, including interviews with Corie Rosen, Lauren Jonik, and Miriam Mosher. Read article

Episode 49: “The Empty City”, reading Gone with the Wind and Proust!

This week, Douglas Cole reads his haunting poem from the December issue, "The Empty City." (Check it out online for the full multimedia experience). And we discuss the big literary reads we've been going through recently — Olivia's reading Gone with the Wind, and I finally finished my year of reading all of Proust's Remembrance of Things Past (or In Search of Lost Time, depending on your translation). Read article

Episode 48: “Giving Birth at the End of the World”, New Year’s Resolutions

The Two Cities Review podcast is back for 2018! This week, Meghan Joyce Tozer reads her dazzling poem from the new December issue, "Giving Birth at the End of the World." And we talk about what new year's resolutions we've set for ourselves for our writing and reading lives. We want to know how your resolutions are going, too, and what suggestions you have for folks who want to read and write more this year. Read article

Episode 47: “The Disposal of Mormon Garments”, December Issue, Holiday Book Buying

This week, Dayna Patterson reads her stunning nonfiction piece from the new December issue, "The Disposal of Mormon Garments." And before heading off for a hiatus until the new year, we chat about buying books for the holiday season — and how to make your book-buying dollar stretch as far as it can go. Read article

Episode 46: “The Caver” and Pushcart Nominees!

This week, Elizabeth Youle reads her story from issue 15, "The Caver." And we're excited to announce our Pushcart Prize nominees for 2017! Take a look back at our favorite pieces published in the magazine this year, including startling, strange, shocking and super fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Read article

Episode 45: “Cabinet”, Gold Fame Citrus, the audio book club

This week, we read and discuss a poem from the latest issue, "Cabinet", by David Ishaya Osu. And we get back into what we're reading and listening to; the audio book club continues! Have you read Gold Fame Citrus or A House Among the Trees? Let us know! Read article