Celebrating the Joys of Spring

I know I’m counting my chickens before they’re hatched, readers, but this weekend felt like spring was in the air in Chicago. The air had that special mild feel; the wind that blustered about me was warm, and the sun was bright enough to make me squint. More than these little rises in the thermostat, though, I just felt that extra burst of energy that spring brings with it. I walked all over town, glad to make up errands and excuses to get outside. Before the week was out, I had filled the coming months with excited plans. I’ll be fitter! I’ll eat better! I’ll write outdoors and go to cafes and and and…
I know I won’t be able to accomplish all the excited plans on my calendar, but just having the excitement of planning is enough right now. Spring always gives me a boost of hopeful energy. And before you tell me not to get my hopes up, I know; as a dyed-in-the-wool New Englander, I know April has a way of having late snowstorms. My heart is hard and ready for this little taste of spring to fade. But once nature gets a foothold, it never seems quite as bad to dip back into winter for a while.
This also means that I’ve almost officially survived my first Chicago winter. I thought it would take extra strength of character, but it honestly wasn’t too unbearable, except for a few extreme days. And of course, this has me thinking about what the change of season means for our creative lives. Will there be more time, somehow, for writing? Will we be able to sit out in the sun and jot things down in our notebooks, or just think and plan and work on dreamier things? It’s hard to say. But we can certainly set ourselves up for success by seizing the joy of spring.

What makes you feel joyful about spring? Is it that special light, the air, the smells, the sights of color, of other human faces and bodies? Is it something you can write about? Is it the source of emotion that you can give to your character? Is it a source of excitement and energy that you can press into labor?
What will you do today to celebrate spring? Can you take a stroll around your block, and come back inside and write a page in your notebook? Can you print out and edit an older draft of something you’d abandoned? Whatever it is, spring has magic in it. Spring can make us do crazy things. It can make us fall in love, or move to a new city; it can make us try a new skill, or work harder on something we really care about. What will the joys of spring mean for you?