Special Thanks to Our First 10 Kickstarter Donors!

Our Kickstarter Campaign is heating up. With 10 days left to go, we currently have 10 donors and 20% of the funds raised. Here is the Honor Roll of early donors, in order:
Donor #1: L Michael Hager
Donor #2: Jamieson Spencer
Donor #3: Pankaj Tandon
Donor #4: TheNumberSix
Donor #5: Mary Brady
Donor #6: Katie Hua
Donor #7: Alex Del Giudice
Donor #8: James Burgess
Donor #9: Damon Vecci
Donor #10: Carrie Golden
Thank you to those who have donated! Our magazine could not happen without your support. If you have yet to check out the project, please do so! Meanwhile, here at Two Cities Review, we are still reading submission and sending out responses. If you have not submitted yet, we are going to be closing submissions for our first issue within the next month, so get them in while there is still time!

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