From Issue 15: The Wild Part

Barbara Carlson
To you, half-witted sleepwalker walking on stones along the river under a black wind, what is it that still lights the blanks between your dreams? The secrets that haunt your life? Kept in the darkness for your shawl? Is there a thread of inmost longing that guides your mystery? And will you let the shawl unravel to nothing? You, leaving your shoes on the shore of all that is empty & vast between lives. The shoes will hold rain & let night overtake them, shoes that once held you for all that you thought you were & could be. You slip in the water, feel for the bottom. But there is no bottom. There is no shore—only the weaving of immanent branches whose leaves drop one by one into the river & the river holds them.
Tecumseh, MO
Barbara Siegel Carlson is the author of Fire Road (Dream Horse Press, 2013) and co-translator of Look Back, Look Ahead Selected Poems of Srecko Kosovel (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2010. A second book of poems Once in Every Language is forthcoming from Aldrich Press in 2017. Carlson lives in Carver, MA.