Featured Work: Tourist Goes Over Waterfall

Take a look at a featured poem from our current issue of Two Cities Review.
Tourist Goes Over Waterfall
Nina Bennett
First trip out west, accompanied by her father’s
disapproval and two disposable cameras
her mother tucked into her backpack.
She posed in front of state welcome signs.
Chipmunks chattered, ate from her hand
in Rocky Mountain National Park,
scampered along the guard rail. She
crouched in rock cradles at Arches,
blew kisses from the Eiffel Tower
on the Vegas Strip.
Camped in Yosemite with a guy she met
on the bus. They hiked the Mist Trail
to the top of Vernal Fall. She stood
facing the camera, spring snow melt
cascading behind her, crashing
onto boulders three hundred seventeen
feet below, droplets sparkling in her hair.
He raised his hand to frame the shot.
She took an instinctive step back
on the slippery granite.
Maybe it happened this way.
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