Featured: Why Sampson Loved Delilah

Blake Lynch
Why did she promise to
sit in my hospital room
until I fell asleep
and run her hand
across my head
to feel where
the hair was gone
when she was only
going to leave early
and drive home
by the Allegheny
along row houses
where people lived
in things called families
and were never hurt
or at least not for very long?
Maybe because I would
only know she left early
when I woke up alone
the next morning
which was more than I wanted
listening to my blood
singing into a machine
which sat by a windowsill
with purple flowers,
a color she loved.
10429244_10206053852569616_1564983186032164840_nBlake Lynch is a young lawyer and cancer survivor whose poems have appeared in Turk’s Head ReviewLines + Stars Journal, POPLORISH, Commonline Journal, The Foundling Review, The Brooklyner, Chelsea, King Log, 2River, The Stray Branch, The Oakbend Review, Stone Highway Review, The Potomac, Zygote in My Coffee, Forge, 491 Magazine, Pif Magazine,and Shampoo, among others. His plays have been performed at Tisch School of the Arts in New York City and The Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, England.