Featured: Forever Nowhere

Lefki Savvidou
On highroads, highways, motor roads, motorways, no ways straight ahead, lift weights for dead ends. Brainwashed, over soaked, over cooked in microwaves, wiped out by surf waves all in disgust for their brainwaves. Over exposed and under educated, under cooked and over protected immature amateurs, above their heads and below the surface. Low income and high consumption, high esteem and low attraction for self defence, only interaction for social obsessions in all occasions they say yes. Yes to the hookers, yes to the pimps of no morals, no ethics  or personal hygiene. No genes for high intelligence just jeans ripped in shapes for stylish dudes with beards and chains. No pains in life, no pains in pride, no pride on low tide by the beach, by the coast washed up, fucked up, thrown up in the gutter in paradise for the blind. ‘Cause up the sky and down the dirt washed down with smoke and booze. Come for drinks, cum on lips, no excuses, no defences all in parenthesis for protecting no senses. Yet senseless the faces, senseless the bodies, over worked, under cheated, over fucked and under treated. Suits and ties for high tides, boots and open flies for low tides. High the offices, high the minds while getting high on wall street corner and former warriors on sleeping bugs, current yuppies with economist mags. Mugs for coffee, mugs for money, stolen faith, stolen goods, stolen brains no ways to start up, all around fucked up. Turn up, turn off, say goodbye and fuck off.
Lefski Savvidou is: Illustrator / Artist.
Just started writing.
Never been published.
Lives in Nicosia, Cyprus.