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Letter from the Editors, Winter 2015, Issue 8

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Yet another year is coming to a close. For many of us, the dark, cold days of winter are a time for reflection on the past year and setting new goals for the year ahead. Here at Two Cities Review, we are no exception. It is hard to believe that this issue is already our 8th and marks the last issue of our second year of publication! As we take stock of all that we have accomplished in the past two years, we feel great pride in the quality of the work we showcase, …

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People’s Climate March

Today is my birthday and I have plans to be out of town. Thus I feel guilty that I will not be attending the People’s Climate March, so I make up for it by asking all of you, our readers, to attend if you are able. Consider it a birthday present to me.

This event of historic proportions may be a turning point in the nation’s discussion of climate change. Perhaps politicians will finally acknowledge that there are many people who genuinely care about this issue and want to work to solve it. As a science teacher, I work hard …

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5 Ways to Eat Kale – Getting Creative with Produce

You wouldn’t think that a New Yorker would ever have the problem of too much produce on hand. You go to the corner store, pick up enough zucchini for that recipe you found and cook it. Right?

There has been a recent surge in urban farming, farmers markets and CSAs throughout Brooklyn and the rest of New York. People, despite being surrounded by cement and only seeing trees surrounded by guards, want to know where there food is coming from and get back in touch with their food supply. Community gardens and rooftop farms are cropping up all over the …

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Concerts in the Park

One of the joys of New York in the summer is all of the free outdoor events that happen regularly throughout June, July and August. My personal favorite event is the Concerts in the Parks series run by the New York Philharmonic. Since I am no longer a student and therefore can’t get the cheap student rush tickets to see the orchestra, I eagerly await the first concert of the summer, when I can sit out in Prospect Park, sipping wine and listening to great music. Last night, I was gratified at last. I also had the pleasure of sharing …

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Giving Citibike a Ride

Summer weather is finally here and I am loathe enter the alternately humid and freezingly-air-conditioned subway system. I prefer to stay above ground and outdoors as much as possible. My husband was one of the original Citibike adopters and has been bugging me to join. I was unsure, as I have a very expensive bike that I never ride. Would I really use Citibike more? He finally got fed up and ordered me a membership anyway.

I gave it a try this week for the first time and, let me admit, I was wrong. It is so much more convenient …

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Cherry Blossom Festival

The annual cherry blossom festival (Sakura Matsuri) is going on at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens this weekend. While the gardens are usually a serene place to escape the city and maybe even get some writing done, during Sakura Matsuri, they are overrun with thousands of people enjoying Japanese food and culture while gawking at the blossoming cherry trees. Unfortunately, because of the harsh winter, the cherry blossoms are delayed and there were only a few blooming when I went yesterday. There were many other lovely signs of spring, however, such as these summer snowflake flowers.

Spring is an inspiring time …

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New York Launch Party!

Our New York Launch party was a blast! Thanks so much for all of you readers and writers who came out to Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn this past weekend for food, fun, a raffle, readings, and new literary friends. We’re delighted that so many people came and bought issues — and we’re especially grateful to our contributors, who read from their wonderful writing. We’re also excited to report that we’ve captured some video of the readings, so you can see them right here at our site. Here’s our introduction as editors, and below that, you can see readings from …

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Launch Parties in Boston and New York!

Because of your support, we have successfully completed the first issue of our magazine and will be posting it online at the beginning of March. Please check back then to read the issue and let us know what you think!

If you are in New York or Boston, we hope to see you at one of our launch parties. The information for both is copied below.

New York Launch Party

March 1, 6:30-9pm
Pete’s Candy Store
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Boston Launch Party

March 7th, 5-7pm
Middlesex Lounge
Cambridge, MA

Hope to see you there and share our work with …

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Bagels, Baingan and Baklava

It is difficult to get more than a few blocks away from an amazing restaurant in New York and they aren’t all pizza places and burger joints. The beauty of New York is that, rather than being a “melting pot” where people assimilate to American culture, it is a boisterous conglomerate of too many nations to count. There is amazing pizza to be found, for sure, but there are so many unique flavors to try that I may go weeks without a slice. I am an adventurous eater, as my co-editor will tell you, willing to try anything once. So …

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Riding the NYC Subway

Running the marathon, I noticed many signs that read “You run better than the subway” or “You run better than the __ train!” I found the signs funny, especially the ones relating to the R, the train I take to work each morning. There has been some work being done on the tracks, causing service changes, besides the fact that the R is generally a slow train by New York standards. But when I stepped back and actually though about it, I realized that the New York City subway is one of the best things about the city.

When I …

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