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Letter from the Editors, Winter 2016, Issue 12

Dear Readers,

We’re going home for the holidays in our December issue. But what is home? And how do we get there anyway? Our crop of writers is conflicted about the nostalgia of homecoming and the sometimes dark places the journey can take us.

Winter in the city can be cruel. The writers in this issue expose us to the small and large sadnesses of people we pass in the street, whether it’s a woman wandering, lost in the throes of dementia, or a brutal subway accident that we wish we’d never seen. A bystander exhorts us in one poem, …

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Letter from the Editors, Issue 5, Winter 2015

Has it already been a year since two cities first sprang onto the page? It’s hard to believe that last March we had just begun our adventure with this literary journal. In that time we’ve seen tremendous growth of the magazine; we’ve seen readership bouncing upward with each issue, and a wave of new and talented writers sending in their submissions.

There’s other news, too; just in time for our one-year anniversary, we’re becoming a different Two Cities. Blair has just moved to Chicago, that midwestern city of the big shoulders, and is eager to explore and discover a new …

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Letter from the Editors: Issue 4, Winter 2014

WINTER’S BRUTALITY HAS INSPIRED OUR WRITERS THIS SEASON. There’s something in the air this December; we received many startling, vivid, and haunting poems this review cycle that made us shiver. We delighted in the ice, the snow, and the chapped lips that define both of our cities. There’s a way that cities of the north transform themselves in the winter that can be truly inspiring, and can shape our lives as well. We tend to hole up in Boston; you won’t see people’s faces for a while, as they scuttle from place to place in oversized parkas. In New York, …

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Letter from the Editors, Fall 2014, Issue 3

WE ARE BECOMING A MAGAZINE. From the initial whirlwind of Kickstarter and launching the first issue to the grind and doubt of publishing Issue 2, we felt like we were going through the process of giving life to something totally new. Would we succeed? Would we get enough great submissions to fill out issue after issue? Would anyone want to read the magazine? With Issue 3 now under our belts and Issue 4 well in the making, we are confident that our fledgling project is finally taking wing.
Fall is the season of change. It’s these times of transition that …

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