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Featured: Jealousy

a hunger that
will split a hair—
then hunger till
the head is gone—



Laura Wendorff is professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. She has been published in several journals, most recently Spillway and Schuylkill Valley …

Featured: Book of Gates

Barbara Daniels
Floodgate Road closed. You can
drive over to South Otter Branch.
But the road is closed to Otter Brook.
Garden State Scooters is located
there now. Rent or buy. Birds call
through the smoke-filled light.
Small trees, new …

Featured: Vertigo

David Anthony Sam
You turn and turn,
animate flesh,
quickly forgetting
the knowing part of you.
We speak towards you
but you do not hear
as the gray clouds
that descend to gray fog
do not hear.
Outside, jonquils and …

Featured: Free Surge

Ross Hargreaves
Right before lunch in the West Junior High band room when the overhead tells us about the Surge truck parked by the cafeteria ready and waiting to give us all free Surge. “Hurry up,” the overhead said. …