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The Rising Rollercoaster of AWP

AWP! Each year that you attend this massive conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, each year you crack open the wallet and plunge for the airfare to another city you’ve never visited, your emotions are taken on a wild climb, dip, and climb. For those of you unfamiliar, the thing that briefly took over the writerly corner of Twitter this week was an annual conference held in different cities each year for writers and all their ilk. It includes back to back panels led by publishers, agents, and writers, as well as a massive bookfair in which …

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People’s Climate March

Today is my birthday and I have plans to be out of town. Thus I feel guilty that I will not be attending the People’s Climate March, so I make up for it by asking all of you, our readers, to attend if you are able. Consider it a birthday present to me.

This event of historic proportions may be a turning point in the nation’s discussion of climate change. Perhaps politicians will finally acknowledge that there are many people who genuinely care about this issue and want to work to solve it. As a science teacher, I work hard …

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Concerts in the Park

One of the joys of New York in the summer is all of the free outdoor events that happen regularly throughout June, July and August. My personal favorite event is the Concerts in the Parks series run by the New York Philharmonic. Since I am no longer a student and therefore can’t get the cheap student rush tickets to see the orchestra, I eagerly await the first concert of the summer, when I can sit out in Prospect Park, sipping wine and listening to great music. Last night, I was gratified at last. I also had the pleasure of sharing …

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