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Jacqueline Jules Reads “If I Lived in Boston”

Bostonians refused to accept a hilly peninsula less than one thousand acres wide. They flattened hills with pick and shovel, carted gravel by horse and train, spent their sweat and dollars changing the landscape until a man could stand in the same place he once would have drowned. Read article

Yelle Reads “Let This One Be”

Two Cities is expanding our delivery methods! We asked Gerald Yelle to be our first poet to record himself reading his poem “Let This One Be”. We love hearing the pieces we publish in the author’s own voice and hope you’ll enjoy it too. The text of the poem is below the audio file and can also be found in the March issue of Two Cities Review.

Let This One Be

I stalk him after lunch hoping to catch him
standing straight and tall –but he sees
me first and flaps off between trees.
He occupies the margins, foraging in …

Read article