Month: March 2017

Featured: Her Full Heart

Dawn Pink
Snap of the scissors
Around the frayed twine.
Yellowed card stock tag reading
Flits to the ground.
The brown sack’s mouth yawns
And sighs out bundles,
Hitting the carpet with the sounds
Of an August storm.…

From Issue 13: Actually

Oscarine Malabele

Actually, nothing is wrong with how a woman wears her mini dress
Or tight clothing if your mind is well and fully dressed
The wrong is with the women and then men with unclothed minds spilling a fill

From Issue 13: Dusk

Vicky Harris
In the wandering ways, the lightening
flashes grey and the farmhouses are hollowed
empty like a spent bullet. The corn stubble is
sharp for the deer, who step judiciously between
the broken stalks. Then the wind presses against…

From Issue 13: Oyate Tamakoce

Bino Realuyo
“Land of the people” – Apache
The flying now exist – no more for man –
   –    Sonnet V, David Humphreys
Dear flying now, another morning of air
held within, fraught in the Crowd racing through
trains, …

From Issue 13: Ode to Gasoline

George Longenecker
I love you— but I hate you.
You’ve always been so refined, and I like your aroma;
though you’re killing me, I have fond memories,
of your high octane brew; forget about CO2, oil spills—
gasoline, you and …