Month: September 2016

From Issue 11: Search History

Joey Stamp
Google Search History – J. Malcom – August 2013
Thursday August 22nd 4:10PM Google: Local music Waterloo Iowa
Saturday August 24th 3:12PM Google: Bands performing in Waterloo Iowa
Saturday August 24th 3:13PM Google: Local …

From Issue 11: Sigh

Ben Serna-Grey
I woke up with months of my life missing, your beard and hair streaked with stripes of gray, heavy bags under your eyes. You told me to just lie still for a while. I stared at the ceiling …

From Issue 11: Aftermath

N.L. Shompole

I have been

wrecked & ravaged,

my belly

is a sea

I am

reeking of


AUTHORBIO NLShompoleN.L. Shompole was born in Kenya and currently lives, works and writes in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.