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Featured: Sorrows

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Vrenios


Who would believe they could swim
in warm waters with us

brushing against our legs?
Who would believe

that they are so winged and fierce,

to peck at our bones?
They crack us open to the light

to burn away fat satisfaction.
They are the water-wings,

the darning needles, the measuring stick,
the constant tick of the clock at midnight.

They are the broken dolls, the extinguished candles.
the suitcase packed,

the train dragging its long syllable over the hill.

They live in our palms and behind our knees,
at the bottom of our prayers.…

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Featured: Newlyweds, First Night

W. Vandoren Wheeler

Read the poem below:

My first time
on a motorcycle,
just after I found
the heft and swoop

of its balance, a wasp
struck, clung to,
then crawled inside
my sunglasses.

As I wobbled the machine
onto the narrow
shoulder, the insect straddled

my left eyeball. Its legs inter-
laced with my lashes.

I can still see, but
every other thin thing
looks half wasp.

My new wife, mid-sentence,
walked out—our first night
apart. I can’t sleep.

I tangle our sheets imagining
her swerving, bleary-eyed,
through our neighborhood,
through a guardrail…

Insect feet prick
my eyelids as …

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From Issue 10: Self-Portrait


Noor Dhingra

I spend my days sketching hands and
Quaint French cafes, and scribbling on
Watercolour paper,
I spend my nights between pages of
Old sketchbooks and diaries, and
Doodling my way to sleep.

But last night when you asked me to
Draw myself, and put my being onto paper,
It troubled my fire, and turned it static,
And left me deep in thought.

I can draw the stars in the night sky, the
Dandelions and butterflies, and
The smiles on strangers’ faces;

I can create
So long as I get to be the artist,
But never,


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Letter from the Editors, Issue 10, Summer 2016

tcissue_200x285Dear Readers,


If we had to pick a watch-word for this issue, we’d select EXPOSURE. A young artist is ambivalent about becoming the subject of her art; boys find themselves exposed to the leery eye of a stepmother at a swimming pool; girls and boys alike put on bathing suits, exchanging their staid, ordinary lives for the lives of beach dwellers. Our talented writers are mixing it up in this issue, using mixed media such as the incorporation of photographs, and at the same time they’re peeling back the layers from their characters and themselves. We couldn’t be more …

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Submissions are Free and Open for the Summer

We’re happy to report that we are opening our magazine for free submissions for the summer! We are particularly looking for a few more pieces to fill our special themed fall issue, with the theme of DYSTOPIA. Send us your dark visions of the future, whether in the form of poetry, nonfiction, or fiction.

Have you been thinking about sending us work? Now that pesky little $3 submission fee is temporarily waived, so don’t hesitate to send us your best work. Of course, if you’d like to support our growing magazine, we’d still greatly appreciate the $3 if you can …

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Featured: Why Sampson Loved Delilah

Blake Lynch


Why did she promise to
sit in my hospital room
until I fell asleep
and run her hand
across my head
to feel where
the hair was gone
when she was only
going to leave early
and drive home
by the Allegheny
along row houses
where people lived
in things called families
and were never hurt
or at least not for very long?

Maybe because I would
only know she left early
when I woke up alone
the next morning
which was more than I wanted
listening to my blood
singing into a machine
which sat by …

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