Month: June 2016

Featured: Sorrows

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Vrenios
Who would believe they could swim
in warm waters with us
brushing against our legs?
Who would believe
that they are so winged and fierce,
to peck at our bones?
They crack us open to …

From Issue 10: Summer Dishes

Summer Dishes

Emily Strauss
A flower in the sun
late moon setting
hum of distant cars
nothing profound here—
but notice magenta
whorls, scarlet-throated
house finch, radiant
gorget of Ana’s tiny
hummingbird hovering,
this non-working noon’s
laid at the table…

From Issue 10: Self-Portrait


Noor Dhingra
I spend my days sketching hands and
Quaint French cafes, and scribbling on
Watercolour paper,
I spend my nights between pages of
Old sketchbooks and diaries, and
Doodling my way to sleep.
But last night when you …

From Issue 10: Run Away

Run Away

Beth Konkoski
Anna hid in a cave of sumac branches, made airy by the August breeze. The hours turned red and fat while she stayed missing.  No one called or searched or knew how she stared alone at …

From Issue 10: Fields


Larry Eby
Dust is frightening. It hangs in the air, slow motion above a wheat field, the sun in particle light. It’s the vanishing of it that frightens me the most. Could it sink and never return? Could the …

From Issue 10: Romaine Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce

Christine Aletti
the heart is the bitterest part,
you say. And i, idiot body,
am so wrapped in leaves and laughter
i can’t stand to hear the crunch.
you always want to keep me
from undressing entirely.
it’s …