Month: April 2016

Featured: Object Permanence

Eloise Dowd
To move the nights along you have taken to performing tremendous acts of dental hygiene. You begin with careful brushing using all-natural wintergreen “tooth powder” that you picked up at a life-enhancement retreat, because your friends think …

Featured: Linda, Asleep

Eric Dovigi
Listen to the poem below:

I just got my heart busted and now I canʼt dream straight.
Everything comes out cracked
And splintered.
I used to have nighthoughts about little monsters
That burst round the bedroom …

Featured: Orlando

Matthew Corey
Listen to the poem below.

You’re not following me out
of the Brooklyn Publick House
but the Berkshires instead
in 1999, the night
your stepfather
was hit by lightning
in a fishing boat
on a …

Issue 9: Bullfrog

Richard King Perkins II
If we finish in this way, morning slips back into night
and the night starts to shine. What begins the chanting?
What, beyond the valley, makes the others sing?
Last month, in the gullies, the deeper …

Issue 9: Vacation

Alejandro Escudé
Inside the posh Palm Springs restaurant a portrait of a Lord greets you, and you sit at a two-person table adjoining a wall that is actually too large and the seat too low, so that you feel really …