Month: December 2015

Featured: At Night

Lucia Cherciu

It rained all night. In the dark, from her window,
she saw somebody fall, curse, mumble,
look for something, dig through the mud
and give up when he figured out he was holding
horse dung. He left.

Featured: Promise Me

Todd Outcalt

In the encroaching ward, among the old ways,
Perhaps our eyes will meet yet in that hall
Where artificial hips and hope allays
The recognition of the other half, or all
The light, now dimmed by passing days,…

Featured: American Boy

From issue 8:
Marisa Mohi
Listen to the author read the piece:

He swaggers into the bar, sure of himself—an unapologetically American boy with his blonde hair slicked back like a rockabilly, and blue eyes that glow in the dim, …

Our First Podcast

We here at Two Cities Review couldn’t be more excited about our newest venture, the Two Cities Review Podcast.
From the beginning of our magazine’s inception, we always knew we wanted to create a magazine that captured the complexity of …

Featured: Alley Dogs

From issue 8:
Richard O’Brien

I was twelve years old the summer my father helped our neighbor Victor Metzger tear down the old wood shed in his backyard. That was back when we lived in the Fairview section of Camden, …