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The Art of the Artist’s Residency

Readers, this month I have been tucked away in the splendid Vermont Studio Center, busily editing the novel and also trying to produce some new short stories. About once a year I love attending programs like these; there really is nothing like devoting yourself to the quiet, singular craft of writing. You’d be amazed what kinds of work can come out of an experience like it.

I am stunned by how smoothly the VSC is run, by how beautiful the facilities are, and how friendly and welcoming the entire community is. I’ve met a terrific bunch of writers and artists …

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Interview with Us at The Review Review!

We’re so excited to have been asked by The Review Review to talk a bit about the mission of our journal and also what really gets our attention in submissions. There are some valuable do’s and don’t’s over there, as well as some deeper insights into what cross-genre experiments inspired the creation of Two Cities Review. Read the article here and start with an excerpt below:

On deciding among submissions…

We’re a new journal, just learning what it’s like to have too many great stories pushed into our inboxes and not enough pages to print them all. But I must …

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