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Interview with L.S. Bassen and Mike Stanko

Two Cities Review had the pleasure of publishing some cross-genre work we absolutely love in our first issue – poems by L. S. Bassen within artwork by Mike Stanko. These works are part of a collection called “Scene & Said” and are stunning in their visual quality and poignant words. To read them for yourself, see the image below or take a look back at our original issue.

We had the pleasure of interviewing both artists about their work together. We hope you enjoy hearing what they have to say.


TC: How did you come into contact with each …

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Our Favorite Literary Magazines

Being a fledgling literary magazine doesn’t just mean reading our own submissions and publishing pieces in our tiny little corner of the internet. It means participating in the wild, wooly, and wonderful world of literary journals and magazines. At AWP, I loved putting faces with names and meeting fellow editors of both new and established literary magazines. It’s great to be a member of this giving, enthusiastic community. So it’s about time we highlighted here at Two Cities what magazines we read, what we love, what we’re always excited to see popping up in an RSS feed or in a …

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The Rising Rollercoaster of AWP

AWP! Each year that you attend this massive conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, each year you crack open the wallet and plunge for the airfare to another city you’ve never visited, your emotions are taken on a wild climb, dip, and climb. For those of you unfamiliar, the thing that briefly took over the writerly corner of Twitter this week was an annual conference held in different cities each year for writers and all their ilk. It includes back to back panels led by publishers, agents, and writers, as well as a massive bookfair in which …

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