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Celebrating the Joys of Spring

I know I’m counting my chickens before they’re hatched, readers, but this weekend felt like spring was in the air in Chicago. The air had that special mild feel; the wind that blustered about me was warm, and the sun was bright enough to make me squint. More than these little rises in the thermostat, though, I just felt that extra burst of energy that spring brings with it. I walked all over town, glad to make up errands and excuses to get outside. Before the week was out, I had filled the coming months with excited plans. I’ll be …

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Jacqueline Jules Reads “If I Lived in Boston”

Bostonians refused to accept a hilly peninsula less than one thousand acres wide. They flattened hills with pick and shovel, carted gravel by horse and train, spent their sweat and dollars changing the landscape until a man could stand in the same place he once would have drowned. Read article

Yelle Reads “Let This One Be”

Two Cities is expanding our delivery methods! We asked Gerald Yelle to be our first poet to record himself reading his poem “Let This One Be”. We love hearing the pieces we publish in the author’s own voice and hope you’ll enjoy it too. The text of the poem is below the audio file and can also be found in the March issue of Two Cities Review.

Let This One Be

I stalk him after lunch hoping to catch him
standing straight and tall –but he sees
me first and flaps off between trees.
He occupies the margins, foraging in …

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Featured Nonfiction: Subway Tunnel Therapy

by Richard DiFino

I rode the subway trains to take me away from everything that I hated, my father, his fist, the blood and everything else in my seventh floor Bronx apartment. The train was my hero, my savoir, my lover and my escape for the day. And she was cheap. Only $2 for a whole afternoon of pleasure.

In the tunnels of the Number “1” train, I was free from my father and free from the world. I would stare out the window at the wall lights mounted along the walls though out the tunnel. There must have been …

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Letter from the Editors, Issue 5, Winter 2015

Has it already been a year since two cities first sprang onto the page? It’s hard to believe that last March we had just begun our adventure with this literary journal. In that time we’ve seen tremendous growth of the magazine; we’ve seen readership bouncing upward with each issue, and a wave of new and talented writers sending in their submissions.

There’s other news, too; just in time for our one-year anniversary, we’re becoming a different Two Cities. Blair has just moved to Chicago, that midwestern city of the big shoulders, and is eager to explore and discover a new …

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Featured Work: Tourist Goes Over Waterfall

Take a look at a featured poem from our current issue of Two Cities Review.

Tourist Goes Over Waterfall

Nina Bennett

First trip out west, accompanied by her father’s
disapproval and two disposable cameras
her mother tucked into her backpack.

She posed in front of state welcome signs.
Chipmunks chattered, ate from her hand
in Rocky Mountain National Park,
scampered along the guard rail. She
crouched in rock cradles at Arches,
blew kisses from the Eiffel Tower
on the Vegas Strip.

Camped in Yosemite with a guy she met
on the bus. They hiked the Mist Trail
to the top …

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