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Featured Poem: Troll

by Len Krisak

Like those who lurk on-line, forever hooked—
Who watch and loiter with intent, and with
One single-minded, fixed desire—he looked
To lie low near, not far, from where the myth
Arose: the goddess who could kill a man
With just a glance—a basilisk Dian.
Far safer then, never to speak or act
Or show himself in any way—in fact,
Safest by far to stay an asymptote
Eternally strung out mere miles from where
The comedy so long ago began;
Where now her dogs would rip him from his throat
Should he be dolt enough to do and …

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In the Heart of a Chicago Winter

THE HIGH IS THREE DEGREES IN CHICAGO TODAY, AND I’M NOT EVEN TELLING YOU WHAT THE WIND CHILL IS. I’ve arrived in this Midwestern city at the perfect time to see it at its worst; the winds are howling off the snow-covered lake, and it’s so cold that it’s dangerous to go outside. I’ve stood out on those elevated train platforms now with my nose tucked into my scarf, shivering under the measly little heat lamps while that wind howls close to my skin. It’s a creature with teeth, a mugger wielding knives. It is a physical presence with a …

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Featured Poem: Roquentin

by Jessica Forrest

As we made ready to leave, singing the myths of our new homeland in a pulsing roquentin each disjunctured harmony a lesion lashing the taut drums of skin stretched across our ribs;
Bitter plums bitter figs bitter butter bitter never bitter
Changing season a wicker maze I wander when I want to escape the view of your favorite constellation abandoning the body that signifies holding fast, safe harbor. On the other side of the world a mouth blooms, an ember softly glows.
Distracted by the fingers of your left hand I didn’t notice the fingers of …

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