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How Do You Carry the Fire?

Candle light burning 1437374 mToday’s post title comes from Cormac McCarthy. In his incendiary novel The Road, his main character, an unnamed boy, keeps reminding his father that they’re “carrying the fire.” It’s an unexplained refrain with unmistakable spiritual overtones; the idea that they are keeping something of humanity alight within them. This is an old connection that many religions make between human beings and fire. We are the only species to keep and use fire, after all, and so we see it as our sacred duty to maintain it, to keep it alive. The Bible tells us not to keep our light …

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Letter from the Editors, Fall 2014, Issue 3

WE ARE BECOMING A MAGAZINE. From the initial whirlwind of Kickstarter and launching the first issue to the grind and doubt of publishing Issue 2, we felt like we were going through the process of giving life to something totally new. Would we succeed? Would we get enough great submissions to fill out issue after issue? Would anyone want to read the magazine? With Issue 3 now under our belts and Issue 4 well in the making, we are confident that our fledgling project is finally taking wing.
Fall is the season of change. It’s these times of transition that …

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From the Issue: The Speaking Poem, Doug Bolling

Human beings continually record their individuality in the creases of the language….
Claude Hagege, The Dialogic Species

What is a poem the Zen master said
but a small breach in the blindness
of seeing as others have seen.

What is a poem but a feather
lifting and falling in an

Brothers and Sisters.

If to meet on the bridge
that is the poem.
If to let go the ligatures
that bind the language
of everyday.

I suggest to you:
poem is the secret agent
of our emancipation
out of the maze
out of ourselves.

Think the creases that …

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On the Fringe of the City

A recent move has me living on the edge of the city I used to inhabit, looking in a little wistfully. It’s a temporary arrangement, but for several months, I’ll be driving to work in the mornings, blasting along a major commuter highway to the north shore and through Boston. It has me seeing a different side of the city I know; and that reminds me that no matter how much you can get to know a city, there is always another way to know it. We can always be different people, looking at the city from the perspective of …

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