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On the Move in Boston

Readers, I’m moving. It’s been three years here at my sunny, friendly, definitely quirky Cambridge apartment. I’d stay for three more, I think, but I’m also ready to move on as life circumstances change. I’ll be dealing with a very transitional housing situation this fall, and then I’m on to the big city of Chicago. I’m excited!

There’s plenty of time to think about the city of Chicago and all it means in the future; as I navigate a narrow goat path of boxes in my apartment now, I’m feeling nostalgic in these last few weeks. I’ll still be in …

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Issue 3 On Its Way, and an Exclusive Preview

Issue 3 has been burning up our computer screens this month, readers. It’s full of hot, exciting new poetry and prose that will get you geared up for the new season. We’re finalizing the issue and it will be dropping in the first week of September, so be sure to spread the word. In the meantime, here’s a little preview from one of our authors, the incomparable Brian Fanelli:

Brian Fanelli

Summer nights we pitched a pup tent
in grandma’s yard, pinched our noses
against the stink of skunks,
while we stretched out on the lawn,
gazed at the …

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Asian Fusion in Boston

Boston is a hot restaurant town these days. We may not be able to compete with New York in terms of size or variety, but we’re holding our own in a few exciting areas of world cuisine. Lately I’ve had the chance to try a couple of different trendy spots in the area of Asian fusion.

This new category has faced its share of controversy. Some purists only want the authentic Chinese or Vietnamese or Japanese eating experience; blending it with American or French styles ends up watering down the whole menu, “Americanizing” it. I’d agree that Asian fusion restaurants …

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Escape from Boston: My Time at a Southern Writer’s Conference

I’m back, readers, from a writing conference that took place in Tennessee, a state I’d never been to and a world unto its own. I had a wonderful time meeting other writers and sharing my own creative exploits, as well as hearing many a reading from some very distinguished southern writers.

What can a writer expect to get out of a writing conference? There are some writers who go hungry for the next big leap of their careers. They’re there to network, to shake hands, exchange cards, find the right person, the right reader for their books. On the other …

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