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Giving Citibike a Ride

Summer weather is finally here and I am loathe enter the alternately humid and freezingly-air-conditioned subway system. I prefer to stay above ground and outdoors as much as possible. My husband was one of the original Citibike adopters and has been bugging me to join. I was unsure, as I have a very expensive bike that I never ride. Would I really use Citibike more? He finally got fed up and ordered me a membership anyway.

I gave it a try this week for the first time and, let me admit, I was wrong. It is so much more convenient …

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Summer Reading for the Readerly

Just because we’re out of school doesn’t mean we can’t use the summer as a time to catch up on our reading. In fact, most of the writerly and readerly folk I know are hungry for those warm months when we can finally devote our energy and attention to a big ol’ book. In the past I’ve used summers to get through David Copperfield, Middlemarch, and War and Peace (not all in the same summer!). Your summer reading list doesn’t have to be hefty old tomes, though; it could be way to get your finger on the pulse of contemporary …

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Issue 2 Is Out!

Our gorgeous second issue of Two Cities is officially available and ready for reading! Get on over to our Current Issue page and read some stunning new nonfiction, fiction, and poetry by both established and exciting emerging authors. We’re very proud of this one and want you to spread the word. Enjoy and happy reading!

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Issue 2 on its Way

We are hard at work this week, finalizing the summer 2014 issue of Two Cities Review. In some ways, getting out the second issue will prove that we’re the real deal, a literary magazine with plans for the future. After all, many people and organizations can cobble together one issue, but we’re here for the long haul, and we’re wildly excited about the poetry and fiction set to appear in the next week. I thought I’d point out a few intriguing lines and opening scenes just to whet your appetite.

From writer Bhaswati Ghosh:

“The road is a messy

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