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Cherry Blossom Festival

The annual cherry blossom festival (Sakura Matsuri) is going on at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens this weekend. While the gardens are usually a serene place to escape the city and maybe even get some writing done, during Sakura Matsuri, they are overrun with thousands of people enjoying Japanese food and culture while gawking at the blossoming cherry trees. Unfortunately, because of the harsh winter, the cherry blossoms are delayed and there were only a few blooming when I went yesterday. There were many other lovely signs of spring, however, such as these summer snowflake flowers.

Spring is an inspiring time …

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Marathon Monday


Every other third Monday in April that I can remember, I’ve woken up with a school day or work day off, filled with the pleasurable expanse of the day before me. I’ve turned on the TV in time to see the leading runners leave Hopkinton, and then kept it on to see them laboring through the miles, their honest, miraculous, movement through the towns of Massachusetts. Every year before 2013, I was at my childhood home in Newton, and I’d mosey out to Commonwealth Ave in time to cheer on the runners going by. I’d …

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What Do Bostonians Do for Fun?

I can’t tell you for sure what the average Bostonian is doing for fun on a Saturday night. We’re a diverse lot, and I’m not a typical representative; I’ve always been firmly in the nerd camp, holed up with a book on weekends rather than out getting my party on. But I think there are plenty of me’s out there in Boston as well. Being a college town, and an elite college town, we have more than our fair share of nerds, quietly reading or studying or playing video games on Saturdays. But we also know how to have a …

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Ode to Sydney


Haven’t heard from your New York editor in a while? Yes, I apologize. I have been cheating on New York with another fabulous city: Sydney, Australia.

Following in our Boston editors footsteps, I was able to take a trip Down Under and loved my first visit to Australia. I visited Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra (for only a few hours). Since Blair already wrote about Melbourne and I barely got to know Canberra, let me tell you about Sydney.

While I wouldn’t equate Sydney with New York as much as Blair equated Melbourne with Boston, I definitely shared her sense of …

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