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Boston: Two Cities Within One

Image from Google Maps

So many cities around the world are defined by the rivers whose banks they hug, or the bridges that straddle them, and Boston is no different. In fact, I’ve been throwing the term “Boston” around pretty loosely, but of course Boston is often used as shorthand for the two brotherly cities on either side of the Charles River — Boston and its companion, Cambridge. They have their own mayors, their own city councils, their own competing farmer’s markets and museums; but residents of either tend to jump back and forth very freely, and will say they’re …

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New York, City of Bridges


New York, surrounded by the Hudson River, the East River and the Atlantic Ocean, is truly a city of bridges. There are approximately 60 bridges within NYC and connecting it to surrounding areas. You’ve probably heard of the most famous ones, like the Brooklyn Bridge, the George Washington Bridge and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, but in a city built on marshland, you are never far from a bridge.

Living in NYC, it is easy to forget about the water. Riding the subway to work, going to dinner in Midtown, zipping from place to place, the water is hidden by towering …

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My Favorite Boston Places

It’s my turn to write about what particular places in Boston make me love my city so much. There are too many places to choose from, but I’ll focus on the places that I end up having memories of. For starters, of course, there’s Fenway Park. You have to turn on a surprisingly small side street to reach the entrance, and then it feels like you’re stepping into a place from fifty years ago; the people wandering this strip of small stores, Irish pubs, souvenir shops; the grand old green columned stadium to your side. Fenway is an intimate stadium, …

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Favorite Things – New York Edition


New York is known as the city that never sleeps. There is always something going on, some bustle or commotion to participate in. As a college student here for four years, that was one of the draws – the lights, the plays, the movies, the bars and clubs. As I get older and live in the city longer, however, I am finding myself drawn to the quieter parts of the city, where I can get away from the crowds and almost forget where I am for a while.

A few weekends ago, my husband and I decided to go for …

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The Two Cities Story

We are Olivia and Blair, and we are writers living in two different cities.

We both grew up near Boston, and moved to New York for grad school. Then we split paths — Olivia stayed in Brooklyn, and I returned to Boston. But we knew we would keep a bridge between these two cities, and some part of both of them would always be our home. There are so many writers and artists out here who are shuttling back and forth along the coast, climbing and descending the hills, riding the Mass Pike, coasting down the George Washington bridge. We …

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What Is Your Favorite Part of Your City?

The view in the Boston Public Gardens

Both the filthy New York subways and the screeching rusty T of Boston are places to get some of the best views of the skyline, the town, the bridges, the lights, and the people. But I’m wondering what your favorite part about city living really is. There are those big conveniences and pleasures, of course – the big reasons that we move to the city in the first place. There’s the availability of jobs, of cultural events, and of opportunities. There are the friends that live there, the family, and so on.

But …

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