Letter from the Editors, Fall 2018, Issue 19: The Fear Issue

FEAR. It’s a fundamental human emotion, one of the first to emerge after we are born. In this issue of Two Cities Review, we delve into fear in its many forms. From the melancholy feeling of a season passing to the terror of blood and corpses, from surreal and supernatural encounters to bringing a piece of fantastical writing to a workshop, our authors have written about fear in powerful and mesmerizing ways.

We hope you’ll enjoy these sometimes chilling, sometimes poignant poems and prose pieces as you sip on hot cider and enjoy the fall weather.

It’s been a busy month. Blair has just published her first novel and Olivia has been managing a small farm and gearing up for the new school year, and the magazine got away from us. The joys of running a small, volunteer-based magazine! But the wait is over, and we are thrilled to present these pieces for your reading enjoyment.

Happy reading!

Blair Hurley & Olivia Tandon

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