Letter from the Editors, Summer 2019, Issue 22

Dear readers,

Summer is upon us once again, with its long light and brilliant sun. For many, summer is a time for renewal and, here at Two Cities, that’s what we are up to as well. We’re making some changes in our issue and podcast schedule that we think will improve the quality and reliability of the product we share with you. Stay tuned on our website for more information on those changes.

Meanwhile, our writers this issue are exploring love, nature, and the passage of time in many different ways. We’ve chosen many prose poems and short short stories this issue, which offer glimpses into different worlds and points of view. Summer is fleeting and so are many of the works in this issue, but we hope they will leave their mark on you as they have on us. We are also thrilled with the series of genre-defying works scattered throughout this issue – make sure you read between the lines!

Happy reading!

Blair Hurley & Olivia Tandon

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