Letter from the Editors, Spring 2019, Issue 21

Dear readers,

The wounds of history are hurting our poets, fiction writers, and essayists this season. This issue is full of historical references and events; characters move by historic spaces, or reflect on the small roles they had to play in events larger than themselves.

From a retelling of stories told to a boy by his native Hawaiian grandmother to poems about love and loss in many different eras, this issue is full of the past and its echoes into the present and beyond. History, as its name implies, is all about story. It is about the stories we hear, the stories we remember and the stories we concoct to help make sense of the world around us. Our poets and writers are tackling all of this in new and imaginative ways.

We hope you will be as enthralled as we were by these piece and take a moment to reflect on how history has shaped your own life and how you, in turn, have shaped history.

Happy reading!

Blair Hurley & Olivia Tandon

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