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Letter from the Editors, Fall 2017, Issue 15

The fall can feel like the beginning of a new year, and our writers are exploring new lives and new worlds in this issue. Is September the end of something, or the beginning? Can a new relationship mean a fresh start, or falling back into old and terrifying patterns? Our writers are bold explorers, diving deep into caves as spelunkers, or excavating the interior realms of grief. There’s new ground to be broken here, and our writers are forging brave new pathways.

As editors, we couldn’t be more excited about our September issue. We’ll be talking about it for the weeks to come in our podcast, and having writers read their own work. Our writers come from around the world and they’re gifted at bringing a part of their life experience to our pages. They’re also experimenters, playing with line breaks and form to expand the possibilities of poetry.

The fall is a chance for new writing goals, new creative challenges, and new stories to tell. What’s your fall shaping up to be, and what stories, essays, or poems will you send us?

Happy reading!

Blair Hurley & Olivia Tandon

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