Letter from the Editors, Winter 2018, Issue 20: The Poetry Issue


We hope you’re having a wonderful winter season. This December we’re excited to present to you our very first poetry-themed issue. Over the past few months, so many powerful, poignant, funny, tragic, beautiful poems came across our desk that we knew we had to showcase these wonderful works. 

By drawing this issue together, we hope to raise the question of what makes a poem great — and how many paths to greatness there really are. The poems in this issue are intensely varied, from peaceful, lovely pastoral description, to short, insightful observations of the way people lie to one another and themselves, to political poems and personal poems and everything in between.

We’ve also got just one piece of prose to enjoy in this issue — a story about the holiday season that will get you thinking about Christmas in a new way. Enjoy, happy holidays, and happy reading!

Blair Hurley & Olivia Tandon

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