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Letter from the Editors, Winter 2017, Issue 16

This December, our writers are thinking about religion and belief. How do we reconcile the beliefs of our childhoods with the insights of adulthood? How do we leave faith, fall out of faith, fall in love with faith? The stories, essays, and poems of this issue wrestle with these questions in very different ways, from a discussion of how to dispose of Mormon undergarments to what it’s like to be the only Jewish student at a conservative Christian school. What does belief mean to us, and are we really just looking for a sense of belonging and protection against a cold, indifferent world? Or is there something more there?

We’re proud to present stories, essays, and poems that tackle these and other topics with sensitivity, power, and pain. And we’ll continue discussing the big ideas these pieces bring out in our biweekly podcast, now on iTunes. How does belief operate in your own writing? We’d love to find out.

Happy reading!

Blair Hurley & Olivia Tandon

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